Whoever you are, whatever your background, however you have found us, we welcome you to participate with us in this work. Our mission is to strengthen and deepen the life of the Church for the sake of the world: accordingly, while different people will have different gifts to offer and different roles to play in this project, no one stands entirely outside of its scope. We invite you to prayerfully explore the options below, and consider how you might partner with us.

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Thanksgiving Dinner


The most important thing you can do to support this project is to keep it in your prayers. Fr. Nathaniel distributes a newsletter approximately monthly with a brief update and prayer points. He would be glad to add you to the list if you are interested in holding us in prayer.


Pursuing the slow and steady process of cultivating community and developing our culture, we are in the process of moving from small, private "beta" gatherings to small, public "beta" gatherings. For more information on when and where these meetings take place, take a look at our calendar. 

If you (understandably!) find the prospect of showing up unannounced to an embryonic community a little intimidating, we'd recommend that you contact Fr. Nathaniel before stopping in!

If you are looking for a place to worship weekly, we would encourage you to worship with us at our sister ACNA parish in Bellingham, St. Brendan's.


The work of gathering a new worshiping community is known to be one of, if not the most, effective ways of bringing renewal to the Church and to lives in the community. This work, however, takes a lot of time, talent, and resources. Giving is accordingly an important way you can help this project. Would you consider partnering with us in this way?

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