What to Expect

when worshiping with us

our Liturgy is an ongoing ancient-future experiment
more aimed at Gospel substance than at seekers

We value hospitality and giving a warm welcome as a community, and recognize that it can be a challenge to step into something new and different! If you are looking to stop in, please be sure to double check the calendar to confirm worship time and place, and you might send a note to Fr. Nathaniel so we can be sure to greet you.

In general, our worship is "high church" -- smells, bells, funny robes and hats (gotta love the hats) -- but shaped and blended with the Anglican experience of the East African revival. Drawing from wells both ancient and global, its bound to be at least a little unfamiliar to pretty much everyone ... so we try not to take ourselves too seriously, and to teach the depth and beauty of what we've received as we go.

We're a small community yet, so there's plenty of room to ask questions (even to make fundamental objections!) that will help us to learn and grow together.

Here are a few things that might be helpful for you to know:

  • Parking. The building we are using is in a dense residential neighborhood, and parking can be sparse.

  • Pregame. Our servers and set up team start with an Office of Preparation just before 9. You're welcome to join if you get there early, but if you're running on time and feel like you've walked in late, that's what's going on! 

  • Postmortem. The service will last about an hour and a half, and I'd love to buy coffee afterwards over at the Makeworth for anyone who is available to stick around and share their experience of the morning (or else, we can catch up some other time).